Park City

Quick Facts

Primary Language Visa Requirements Currency Suggested Airport Average Temperature
English Within US US Dollars SLC Winter 32 °F / Summer 70 °F


This historic mining town is now world-renowned for skiing and snowboarding. Three major ski areas and the Utah Olympic Parks surround the city while the stunningly beautiful Wasatch Mountains provide a backdrop for an array of other winter activities as well.

Fine dining and upscale retailers on the city’s historic Main Street combine with superb accommodations to create the ideal year-round destination.

What We Love

Nearby reservoirs, hot springs, and hiking and biking trails are perfectly suited to the outdoor enthusiast–and just as stunning.

The vibrant nightlife–which attracts Tinsel Town’s elite during the annual Sundance Film Festival– and cozy ski-town feel has kept Park City on the world stage since it hosted several Winter Olympics events in 2002.

What to Know

Early Spring and Late Fall in the Mountains can be snowy and muddy, so make sure that you consider wedding dates carefully.

As a ski resort, certain winter dates are more expensive than others, so make sure to consider the winter schedule of events when selecting your wedding date.

Not to be Missed


Fulfill a lifelong Olympic dream (or reinact a scene from Disney’s Cool Runnings) on a bobsled ride, at Utah’s Olympic park.


Tour the town in a hot air balloon:  fly low enough to see wildlife such as mule deer and elk, and high enough to see the Salt Lake Valley over the Wasatch Range if the weather allows.


The hills surrounding Park City offer more than 150 miles of public trails ideal for hiking. From scenic strolls to adrenaline-raising terrain, Park City is a great hiking destination.

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